Linked Data Interface



Wikidata provides access to knowledge base entity information through a linked data interface,

“Each item or property has a persistent URI that you obtain by appending its ID (such as Q42 or P12) to the Wikidata concept namespace:

For example, the concept URI of Douglas Adams is Note that this URI refers to the real-world person, not Wikidata’s description of Douglas Adams. However, it is possible to use the concept URI to access data about Douglas Adams by simply using it as a URL. When you request this URL, it triggers an HTTP redirect that forwards the client to the data URL for Wikidata’s data about Douglas Adams: The namespace for Wikidata’s data about entities is


from qwikidata.linked_data_interface import get_entity_dict_from_api
from qwikidata.entity import WikidataItem, WikidataProperty, WikidataLexeme

q42_dict = get_entity_dict_from_api('Q42')
q42 = WikidataItem(q42_dict)

p279_dict = get_entity_dict_from_api('P279')
p279 = WikidataProperty(p279_dict)

l3_dict = get_entity_dict_from_api('L3')
l3 = WikidataLexeme(l3_dict)